Invest with AX Partners

Become an Investor and access our unique opportunities through our Private Funds. Minimum investment ticket of 250.000 EUR.

Invest in Private Real Estate Funds

AX Partners is a real estate investment firm specialised in value-add projects in prime locations. The firm develops a unique investment product for private equity, generating attractive returns in short investment periods with a low level of risk due to the security and guarantees provided by prime locations.

AX Partners has an investment strategy based on value creation through the transformation of mainly residential and hotel assets and short-term market repositioning.

The firm structures the investment programme by creating a fund for each deal that allows investors direct access to the real estate asset as collateral for the capital.

In this way, the firm structures the best management teams for each operation and the best conditions to optimise the profitability of the capital.

AX Partners acts as a trusted partner for the management of real estate investments in Spain for private and institutional investors.

Fund Investing

Qualified investors with a minimum ticket of €250,000 can invest in our Luxembourg-based private master feeder fund, which structures a compartment for each deal and allows reinvestment of returns from each investment into subsequent vehicles with tax advantages, thus obtaining greater exposure to all our vehicles.


Family offices and professional investors, with minimum tickets of over 1 million euros, have the opportunity to co-invest directly in the SPV owner of the asset, obtaining more than 5% of the vehicle’s shares on a deal-by-deal basis, thus gaining tax advantages. They also benefit from rent distributions and the possibility to reinvest capital gains from asset sales.


AX Partners address its products solely and exclusively to Qualified Investors and does not constitute or operate through collective investment vehicles or institutions. This communication does not constitute a public offer for sale or subscription of securities, according to the definition provided for in article 30 bis.1 of Spanish Law 24/1988, of July 28, and consequently are not applicable the regulations established by the Spanish Real Decreto 1310/2005, of November 4, which partially develops Spanish Law 24/1998, of July 28, on the Securities Market, regarding the admission to trading of securities in official secondary markets, public offers for sale or subscription, and the brochure required for such purposes.

AX Partners es una firma inmobiliaria de capital privado que invierte en proyectos inmobiliarios residenciales en ubicaciones privilegiadas del mercado español.

Nuestros socios son inversores privados e institucionales que coinvierten con nosotros caso por caso para generar rentabilidades atractivas a corto plazo con sólidas garantías a través de capital y deuda.

Somos una boutique de inversión que desarrolla proyectos patrimoniales a medida gestionando los proyectos globales desde la adquisición de oportunidades, captación de fondos, transformación de activos y proceso de venta con nuestra propia agencia inmobiliaria prime: AX Partners Inmobiliaria. AX Partners también tiene una solución de deuda para sus inversores: Oxygen Fund, un fondo de deuda regulado en Luxemburgo que invierte en préstamos garantizados inmobiliarios con inversores profesionales y gestiona más de 15 millones de euros.

El fondo está auditado por Deloitte. Nuestra sede se encuentra en Diagonal 626, Barcelona.