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What are the ways to invest in a project ?

There are two ways to invest with AX Partners:

Fund Investing: Qualified investors with a minimum ticket of €250.000 can invest in our Luxembourg-based private master feeder fund, which structures a compartment for each deal and allows reinvestment of returns from each investment into subsequent vehicles with tax advantages.

Co-investing: Family offices and professional investors, with minimum tickets of over €1.000.000, have the opportunity to co-invest directly in the SPV owner of the asset, obtaining more than 5% of the vehicle’s shares on a deal-by-deal basis, thus gaining tax advantages. They also benefit from rent distributions and the possibility to reinvest capital gains from asset sales.

AX Partners’ investments are reserved for qualified or professional investors only

The minimum investment ticket is 250.000 EUR.

The asset selection process at AX Partners begins with the reception of an offer, followed by a preliminary financial feasibility analysis. This is followed by a site visit to assess the physical and operational characteristics of the asset. Legal, technical and financial due diligence is then carried out to ensure the integrity and potential of the asset. Finally, capital is structured and operation of the asset begins once all evaluations and approvals have been completed.

AX Partners’ average annualised return on equity is 17,7%

The average investment period is between 3 and 4 years; however, projects may be exited earlier due to market opportunities.


What is a qualified investor ?

Entity or individual that invests in the securities markets in large volumes, which allows them to obtain better trading conditions, lower commissions, etc. The regulations generally grant them lower levels of protection than small investors, as their institutional or professional nature means that they have sufficient knowledge and experience to assess the risks they take and make their own investment decisions.

AX Partners’ investment vehicles are not collective investment vehicles.